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AMBA How It Works
Join AMBA today, to get advice when you need it.
Advice and services are available to AMBA Members from AU$60. Members are typically musicians, performers, rights holders, managers and companies with an interest or involvement in music or allied entertainment industries.
Great positives to consider!
a green tick Free of management commission
a green tickArtist exclusivity not required
a green tickMusic demos not needed
a green tickContract term not applicable
a green tickSign any other deal anytime
a green tickTerminate AMBA without notice
a green tick Refer your manager for speciailst advice
Non member advice request is available. While higher cost than Basic level for AMBA Members, there is no membership payment required.
Advice response times depend on available consultant time. When the AMBA roster is full, Members can request advice and services ongoing, yet new Member applications and non member requests become unavailable.
Advice: Ask a question, like on Copyright income entitlement, or referral to specialists like a copyright attorney or music royalty audit accountant.
Service: Ask AMBA to do, like organise a recording session, review an agreement or document for a music industry value opinion, or ask for AMBA to assist in negotiations before signing an agreement.
Advice request - Example
Q. How do I register songs a friend and I write, we have released a single, we have been told we must join a society?
A. Yourself and co-writer need to join a Performing Rights Society, and the Phonographic Performance Collection organisations, contact details below. All are free to join. [details provided, yet not in this example]
Service request - Example
Q. We are a 30 choralist and 6 musician choir ready to record 8 songs. Can you organise it? if so, what would it cost?
A. Yes, we can organise it. Cost will depend on what you intend to use the recordings for. We need to talk by phone for AMBA to provide a Services quote for recording costs, and perhaps a choice of studios.
AMBA does not offer to
a red x Shop acts or songs to prospects
a red xManage on a commission basis
a red xDivulge private industry contacts
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